Fall 2016 Decor Trends to Inspire Your Next Remodeling Project

Stuck in a rut when it comes to your home? Try incorporating a new trend into your space to spice things up. Whether it’s just buying a few new pieces or doing a complete overhaul, sometimes change is what you need to feel happy and content with your home. There’s no shortage of new trends this season to choose from, but here are some of our favorites to inspire you.



This trend has been picking up steam for a while now, but just recently it’s been taking the design world by storm. This is a great decor option for anyone because it’s so customizeable. You can literally make your space say anything, whether it’s sweet, sassy, or off-beat. Look for typographic wall prints, pillows, throws, and more. It’s a small way to make your space feel more personal.

ornate-dining-roomsOrnate Dining Rooms

In recent years, many decor enthusiasts have shifted their attention away from the dining room, but the tide is turning. This year, many people will be focusing on changing their dining space into a beautiful gathering area, great for parties or even formal dinners. Think wallpaper, mirrors, and glamorous centerpieces for the table. If you want to take things to the next level, you can even add a fireplace or a chandelier.

Global Accents

Bringing multicultural pieces into your home is a great way to liven it up in a subtle way. This year, we’re seeing tons of tribal-inspired rugs, pillows, and blankets, Euro-chic minimalist pieces, and Asian-inspired art and hardware. Whichever culture speaks to you design-wise, consider incorporating it into your space. It gives any area some personality while keeping it on-trend.

ditsy-floralsDitsy Florals

This trend has been big in fashion for the past few seasons, and now it’s making its way into decor as well. Consider adding a floral couch, pillows, or wall art to your space. It’s guaranteed to make you (and your guests) smile every time they enter the room, and it makes the perfect pop of color in an otherwise neutral room. To make your space even more cheerful, pair these furniture pieces with vases of live blooms for a whole house remodeling experience.

Statement Windows

Many people are realizing the benefits of having more light in their space, and they are bringing more focus to their windows and skylights. Some are adding cozy window reading nooks, complete with pillows and bookshelves. Others are using windows as a great place for mini planters and indoor gardens. Finally, if your space doesn’t have much light, consider knocking out some of the wall space in favor of a window or skylight – you’ll be surprised by how much it opens up the room.


If you’re thinking trashy, sticky leather couches, think again. This season’s leather is all about class and style. Using small leather accents throughout a space can pull things together and add some weight and depth to a room. Think leather pillows paired with lighter prints or leather bar stools paired with marble or minimalist metal surfaces.

Black Stainless Steel

Where silver once reigned as the top color choice in the kitchen, now black stainless steel is taking over. Many people love the sleek, modern look that black gives, and it pairs perfectly with trendy marble or dark wood elements. If you need new appliances, consider a black stainless steel refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher.

marble-accessoriesMarble Accessories

You’ve likely seen this trend on Instagram lately, but now it’s easier than ever to bring it to your home. Many decor brands are releasing small marble accent pieces like cutting boards, planters, clocks, and coasters (just to name a few). They look stunning when paired with minimalist or metal elements, and they’re easier to incorporate into your space than a full marble surface.